Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Designs, Doodles and Deadlines!

A couple of times a year, I gather up drawings and ideas that I've jotted down in sketch pads over the months and work on new designs for my paper line. I love this change in creative outlets because I get to play with paper and inks and think a little differently than when working on my stones.
I leave my at home studio to do my printmaking and rent space a month at a time. Thus this means more than ever that I have to organize myself with a specific deadline to get everything ready so when I get to the studio I am printing to the max. 
Getting ready involves deciding on designs and making final "perfect" drawings, deciding on paper colors and numbers and getting letterpress plates made.
Well, I am just about to head into the studio and the drawings are done, plates are ordered and the paper is on its way. Phew! That month flew by!  You all know what I mean about that fleeting time thing :)
Here's some pictures of the process. Next purchase: a bus pass to take me to the studio everyday! Yay!

Friday, January 15, 2016

January Reset!

Do not have anything in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful"   -William Morris

Love this quote, but I would have to add "and have a place for everything. If you don't, give it away!" 

The new year always brings the itch to reset my brain, my game plan and my surroundings. It is also a time that I specifically set aside to deal with the clutter. This year's "restart" was a really big deal for me. After 16 years of accumulation, I decided to reimagine my work area. I went through everything in my art room. Every piece of paper was handled (a lot of of recycling done), every pen tested, and every eraser gathered and put in one spot (22!). I got to unearth some old art that has sparked my imagination and found some old  inspirational notes I had set aside. 

New efficient (and funky) shelving was put into service and stuff that shouldn't be in the art room was cast out. Do you know that point in a large task where you ask yourself "what have I got myself into"? Well, once again I found that if you can just get past those tough moments when you want to close the door and leave, it always gets better and eventually becomes rewarding. A day of cleaning has turned into 5, but now the end is in sight!

And it's good to know that I probably won't have to buy another eraser for the rest of my life.

One of the new shelves (it is now holding more than just ZuZu!)