Sunday, May 17, 2020

Painting Away in Quarantine Time!

Hello all! 

Overwhelming thanks to all of you out there who are on the front lines of this pandemic and who are keeping our hospitals and communities safe and running.

You are all greatly appreciated.

Some of us are working harder than we've ever worked, some are trying to just stay home and do what's best for our fellow humans and others are experiencing a miriad of situations in between. 

I have been staying at home, and have been able to finally accomplish the stocking of my Etsy store... which is found here  :)

I also find myself printing a lot of simple, but philosophical quotes- like the one above- words, which resonate with the time we are experiencing.

This odd bit of history that we find ourselves in has also allowed me some spaciousness to experiment and develop new designs and to do self reflection.

What positive things have you found in this stressful situation?


Friday, March 20, 2020

We are Waves in the Same Ocean

When I was getting ready to post this picture and deciding what to say, I happened to come across the story about the boxes of supplies sent to the Italians from the Chinese. The boxes were filled with medical equipment- masks, gowns.
On the outside of the boxes were written a part of a poem- 

“we are  waves in the same ocean, 
 we are leaves on the same tree, 
 we are flowers in the same garden...” 

Attributed or inspired by Seneca

Wishing everyone well. 
Stay safe and connected.
(at a distance)