Monday, March 5, 2018

Snow Day

 It is a blustery day in Winnipeg. I kind of love these days! I know it causes a lot of havoc, but we can also try to enjoy the disruption! I trudged through the snow this morning and took a bus (that was really late and very crowded) I feel a certain kinship with the people on the street, battling the elements and getting where they have to go.  I stopped to record the beautiful trees being weighted down by the heavy, sticky snow.  I tried to look with wonder and awe instead of , you know, irritation. It really worked to change my perception of the day! 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Here are some new stones that were just put up in my Etsy shop! As a maker of things, I think that there is nothing more thrilling than to have your work seen all over the world. To get a comment from someone your work has touched, or send a stone to a place you have never been, and to know that your work is connecting with people really inspires one to keep making!!!
I want to thank everyone, near and far, who have let me know, through comments or sales, that they enjoy my work. It means the world to me!