Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Inspire me wednesdays week 11

Some people get months of vacation, and others get days. 
However much time you get personally, I think it is great to have a list of things to attempt to do in the short summertime! For my son, one thing he has planned to do is watch 60 classic and "required viewing" movies over summer vacation. For others, it may be books or beachtime. I always make a list of things I'd love to do each summer. Here's a sample of my list.

1. Go for a walking tour of my city
2. A day of frisbee and picnicking in the park
3. Make a piece of art out of the things around the house
4. Host a John Turturro film festival
5. Spend a whole day in a bookstore (or library!)
6. Go canoeing
7. bike everywhere week
8. Open a favorite cookbook to a random page and make whatever recipe you turn to
9. Read at least two books
10. Go on a little-known art gallery tour
11. have a "lazy" day of doing absolutely nothing
12. Go mini-golfing with the family

 I may not get to all of them this summer. But that's okay!  If you plan a little bit  and a leave a bit of room for spontaneity, you can't go wrong!

I'd LOVE to hear what's on YOUR list?

Please comment and tell me!


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  1. Hello Karen!

    Nice to see your blog and that you are on ETSY! Your items are lovely and I am enjoying the items that I have purchased from you in the past.