Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hi Everybody!
It's fall again, and you know what that means - another ArtRocks exclusive contest!
If you're reading this, it means you're ready to win some art!
It's simple - all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog or on the ArtRocks Facebook page (which is being launched this week!) between right now and November 8th to enter.
Then one of the shiny new Inspired Stones pictured below could be sitting in YOUR HOUSE! Which one, you ask? It's YOUR CHOICE!
Oh yeah, and the comment should include your name and e-mail address so I know who to contact if you're picked.
The winner will be announced on November 10th's Inspire Me Wednesday post.
NEW THIS CONTEST - you can enter as many times as there are new posts (hint: think wednesdays)
Thanks for your continued support!
Karen xo


  1. Fabulous website! Your art is a reflection of you - beautiful and inspirational. Love your new lines. Rocks, paper....what's next? Scissors? (haha!)You rock, girl!

  2. Shayla/ tessrox@cogeco.caOctober 19, 2010 at 3:37 PM

    i absolutely LOVE your work duh i come to all your shows when i was in Winnipeg i made you a lizard thing i ( have bought) 7 of your rocks in 3 years and i e-mail you all the time i am so happy you do this and cant wait for my newest rock all my love - SHAYLA

  3. Shayla/ tessrox@cogeco.caOctober 19, 2010 at 3:38 PM

    ps love the two options

  4. karen1steve1@shaw.ca
    Can't wait till the next Craft Sale ....I need my rock fix. Nice to here that you enjoy my pics on Flickr. Karen

  5. Hi Karen,
    I love them both, but option # 2 would be my choice! I'm so glad to hear from you. If you are in and around Winnipeg please come and check out my fibre art show. It's at the Woodlands Gallery on Nov. 4th at 7pm. It's a fresh new art opening featuring the gallery's 3 newest artists. I hope you can come and check it out. I still cherish my artrock that says, "Listen beneath the surface," with the gorgeous orchid. Thanks for creating something so beautiful! - Brandy Lynn can be contacted through www.brandylynn.ca

  6. Hi Karen, I love your art. I have a collection of your rocks in my living room and enjoy looking at them. Look forward to seeing you at one of the craft sales, probably at Springs.
    Enjoy our wonderful fall.

    Freckled Nest's Mom

  7. I have "What am I doing? Nothing. I am letting life rain upon me" on the windowsill over my kitchen sink. Best rock ever.
    Wednesday is going to be my favorite day of the week now!

  8. Hey Karen!
    Love your rocks! They are so beautiful, and they inspire me! I have one of them in my locker!
    Rock on! Excellent!
    Maxine Wagner

  9. Yeah. YEAH. YEAHHHH!
    Love the rocks.
    Erin Blaine eblaine@mts.net

  10. I really love your creativity :)


  11. Hi Karen! I got one of your rocks for Christmas and it is FABULOUS! Thank you for being an amazing person as well as a fabulous artist. It is really inspiring for me, being an artist myself.

    Marie Bergen

  12. Hi Karen,

    Your website looks wonderful!!! I love your photography & the blog & your adorable cat!!! We just got a new kitten also. I will miss you at Scattered Seeds this year but I often go to Signatures too. I wish you all the best with your online sales. You are so talented & inspiring!!!

    Kim (allegra_a25@yahoo.ca) (the musician with the filmmaker/artist husband if you recall!!!)

  13. Hi Karen ! It is great to see how much you are enjoying your new ventures. Change is often a great thing even if it is a mix of excitement and fear! And a big welcome to Clementine. Writers and artists have a long history of feline muses and she looks like she will definitely be up to the job.(In between catnaps, of course.) Your #1 Fan. Leslie(gingercat49@shaw.ca)

  14. I love your rocks. Still haven't seen any new elephant rocks. Hope I win the contest, I'm one of your biggest "Rock Star Fans"!!

  15. Hi Karen!

    I do so adore your work and all the thought you put into each and every one of your creations.
    A wonderful reminder that sometimes it's the simplest things that can have a powerful impact...like your adorable creamer collection!
    For me, it's teapots and cookie jars...

    On so many levels, you so totally rock!
    Wendy :) (wparkes@hotmail.com)

  16. Hi Karen...

    Sorry to hear that you won't be at Scattered Seeds this fall. I'll miss our 'chat'! Have you given any more thought to holding a class of rock work?? Sign me up! I admire the 'passion' in your work.
    all the best, Alison

  17. Hi Karen,
    Gosh this new technology is challenging me. This is my second attempt at leaving a comment but here it is....I love the new website/blog. I just came from working a 6 hour shift at Scattered Seeds and you were missed! Even my 11 year old asked where is the lady who sells the beautiful rocks. Continued success. YOu are very talented.

  18. Shayla/ tessrox@cogeco.caOctober 24, 2010 at 2:51 PM

    LOVE the Kenzie rock!

  19. I told you that I'd enter eventually, so here it is. :)
    And I love both of the options so much that if I win, I think you'll have to surprise me.
    And good job on having a facebook page.

  20. Your artrocks continue to amaze and inspire me! I LOVE the new art that I see and cannot wait to own more of your pieces PLUS give them as Christmas gifts!

    I also love your blog space - so beautiful! Thank you for shining your bright and beautiful light.


  21. Karen bhobday@mts.net
    Looking forward to seeing you at Signature's Craft Show