Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How do you wake up in the morning?

I know some people wake up to their favorite music. Some have a two "snooze-button-limit". My son has an iPod dock that allows him to wake up to any song he chooses. I prefer to wake up to CBC radio every morning. I like to re-emerge from my slumber by listening to an engaging conversation.

When I am really lucky, I wake up to something interesting. When this happens, it helps kick-start my day in a positive way (ooh, that rhymes!).

The other day there was a man talking about his hit blog and subsequent book. The idea for the whole thing came out of a really hard time in his life. It wasn't a "this too shall pass" story - it was a much more human story of how we all suffer difficult times in our lives, and how we cope and manage to overcome them. 
This blog came from a man's difficulty with hard times and how his decision to focus on the little things helped get him through. By concentrating on the easily-overlooked moments that tend to escape us, he helped himself cope with the bigger picture.

Some things on this blog are silly, some are funny, and some are a bit profound.

 Here are my favorites from his blog: (1000 Awesome Things blog)

#808 coming home after a long day to the smell of someone cooking dinner

#944 your pillow

#371 seeing "old" people holding hands (that one is relative!)

#411 when your computer heals itself

#601 getting through it.

#538 that one person who laughs when you tell a bad joke

Here's hoping we can all appreciate those little moments!

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