Monday, March 7, 2011

Music Monday #2!

by Adam Fuhr

I've been listening to Hey Rosetta! for a couple of years now, and they recently came out with a new album, Seeds. And it is wonderful - so I'm going to share it with you this week!

ARTIST: Hey Rosetta!

ALBUM: Seeds

DESCRIPTION: Newfoundland indie magic

BACKGROUND: "Hey Rosetta!" is a six-piece indie rock band from Newfoundland. They use lots of different instruments to achieve their distinct but accessible sound.

REVIEW:  By layering strings and piano into the generic formula for rock music, Hey Rosetta! has always broken the long-existing rock mould and made fantastic music. But with Seeds, they begin to break their own moulds that they themselves formed with previous albums (which are all great, by the way). Many songs start slow and then explode into spectacularity (not sure if that's a word) as per true Hey Rosetta! fashion, but others break free and either stay mellow or go for gold right off the bat. Worth as many listens as you have time for.

FAVORITE TRACKS: Yer Spring, Welcome

Sample or BUY IT:   iTunes  Amazon

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