Monday, September 5, 2011

Music Mondays #6 - Library Voices

By Adam Fuhr

In July, my band Eeper Weeper was asked to play a show with a group called Library Voices. Because of various scheduling conflicts, we were forced to decline. Two weeks ago, I decided to check them out anyways - something I consider to be a very good decision. The band is Library Voices, and the album Summer of Lust.

ARTIST: Library Voices

ALBUM: Summer of Lust

DESCRIPTION: Catchy Saskatchewan Indie Pop

BACKGROUND: Regina natives, Library Voices is a seven piece band known for catchy tunes and clever lyrics.
REVIEW: You can tell from listening to the first ten seconds of the album that Library Voices are a wonderfully odd group of people - it starts with a John Cleese-like voice informing you that you are beginning the album (a convention that is sustained at the end of the side [vinyl] and then again at the end of the album). The quirkiness is in the lyrics too - there are at least a couple of phrases in songs that would get stuck in your head without the aid of catchy melodies ("reluctant readers make reluctant lovers"). But I think what is most refreshing about this band is that you get the feeling that they are really smart people. The lyrics come of as well traveled, well read, and well cultured, and I enjoy that some of the references go way over my head. I enjoy it because it means no one made them dumb their music down. Overall, this album is catchy, complicated, and Canadian, so you should probably listen to it.

FAVORITE TRACKS: Reluctant Readers Make Reluctant Lovers, If Raymond Carver Were Born in the 90's

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