Monday, January 16, 2012

Love of Books!

 I recently re-joined a book club that I used to attend regularly. With the renewed motivation to read and the first book under my belt, I am re-invigorated! Today, I'm posting this wonderful animation made by a Toronto couple, the Ohlenkamps, at their local bookstore.
 "As much as I love the idea of new technology and the convenience e-readers provide, there's something special about reading an actual book. Memories are made when you read a book, like getting a coffee stain on a page because you were reading at the breakfast table; or if you accidentally dropped it into the bath tub (and it miraculously survived). You can pass your book on to future generations, a book you've had since you were a child. Books can represent the past, present, and future." 
- commenter on YouTube
Support your local independent bookstore!
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Karen xo


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