Friday, July 13, 2012

doors, doors, doors

I currently find myself immersed in the modern post-vacation ritual - arriving home and finding that the thousands of digital pictures that were so easy to take in the first place are in need of the daunting "sort".  I don't mind, however - while scrolling through the images, I find myself being transported to Europe once again.

One common theme throughout many of the photographs that I took while in Europe is doors. I am always fascinated by them, and they are one of my favorite things to draw. My travel companions often complain that I can't keep up because I'm always taking pictures of doors.

I stand in front of a beautiful door, and my mind begins to wander. Who lives behind that door? Who has passed through? What is it's history?

And why does peeling paint on these doors seem so charming?

Doors have been important conveyors of symbolism in modern literature. The doorway hope, is change, a threshold to cross. We create our own doors, barriers waiting to be opened.  Doors are an opportunity for you to discover something within yourself.

Janus (
 Janus, the Roman god of doors and doorways, was also the god of beginnings, endings, transitions, gates, gateways, and time. Doors continue to symbolize all of these elements today.

The doors on my trip were especially beautiful with their lovely wood and fine craftsmanship.
It seems that every door in in the old cities of Europe are different in their shape, size, and colour, as well as the matrerials used and the decorative choices. You almost forget that they actually serve a practical purpose!

a pope's door! Castel sant 'angelo
bagni di lucca
I ended up taking more than a hundred pictures of doors on this trip!
After all this door-hunting, I will take all these images and translate them into my artwork.
It is a joyful and satisfying process. 

Karen xo
Bagni di Lucca
Sienna door, detail

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