Friday, October 5, 2012

Beauty in the Change

 Oh, the crunch of leaves underfoot and the picturesque walks. My favorite time of year lasts only a couple of weeks.

 It is the time that the leaves on the trees are the brightest hues of red, yellow, gold and orange. It is the time that the sky is a wonderful collage, so intense that it looks as though it must be painted on.
Or that blanket of soft leaves that initially cover the streets. Leaves that you swoosh through. And then a few days later, the swoosh has changed to a crunch as you walk. Only a short time from beginning to end, I look forward to this beauty every year.

Last weekend I had a chance to photograph some of the color around me. I hope you enjoy the pictures. As our weather in Winnipeg is showing us today, you never know how fast the change will be!

Happy Thanksgiving!
xo Karen

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