Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Art Date: Knock, Knock

 Hey everybody!

While in Europe last summer, I fell in love with another picture-worthy subject—European door knockers! Oh wow!

The door knocker has a very long history in Europe. It was most likely in the middle ages that they became a regular household accessory. The role of the knocker, of course, was to let guests announce their presence to the owners of the home. Some were as simple as a metal ring but many were more decorative. The different designs served a variety of symbolic functions: to ward off evil spirits (Medusas, gargoyles), to act as a guardian (lion's head) or to symbolize your clan. The "hand" knocker is very common in southern France and also was a symbol to stave off evil. I think I sense a common theme here!

They were works of craftsmanship and artistry. I am fascinated by the multitude of designs. Don't they just entice you to go right up and give them a try?


P.S. the pictures are all French or Italian door knockers (but I also snuck in a photo of modern elongated door handles because they're cool!)

A local laughed at me for taking the above picture! He said "tourists...they'll take pictures of anything!"

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