Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quote Love Special Edition!

The internet has created a monster when it comes to quotes! Quotation sites often take their quotations from other sites, cutting and pasting without checking the source. This spreads mistakes so fast that it becomes hard to figure out who really said what!

I try to make sure that the quotes I use on my Inspired Stones have been attributed to the correct speaker, especially if I get the quotes off of the web.
I have made mistakes in the past—thankfully acknowledged by an astute customer or two!
To sum it up with a great quote from Yogi Berra -
"I never said half the things I said" 
(which I found on the net attributed to Albert Einstein)
Here are a list of interesting, informative sites to check quotes you find!
 The first two sites are smart, substantiated and very interesting.
The Shakespeare website is sharp, funny and straight to the point!

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