Friday, September 6, 2013

Art Date: Rock Collecting for fall!

 The beginning of the process for creating 
my inspired stones is finding the right rocks! 
We spent the day driving around to beaches on the east side of 
Lake Winnipeg, hunting stones that inspired.
I love combing the shores for the perfect rock, imagining what it's surface could hold.
It is peaceful and joyful.
Hope you enjoy the pictures of the 
beautiful stones we found and the lovely pieces 
of nature that was art all on its own.
xo Karen

PS coming up in the next few weeks, I will be introducing a Pinterest board full of inspiring images and a special contest!
 The Mediterranean? No. Lake Winnipeg!
A little too round, a little too granite-y
Love, love, love driftwood
A pile is starting...
Doesn't this look like a pillow? So cool
Driftwood and stones. Ahhhh!
The shore sculpted by waves
We picked for hours and found many lovely stones.
This is a favorite ritual of the summer!
Have a great day.

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