Tuesday, October 15, 2013

ArtRocks Fall Schedule!

 Hi everyone, 
So happy to be able to announce my fall shows for 2013!
Here they are:

Keystone Centre, Brandon
Saturday, October 19th  10-6pm
   Sunday, October 20th   10-5pm  
 $3 admission

Regina's 'Our Best to You" Craft Sale
Evraz Place, Regina
Friday, November 1st   10-9pm
Saturday, November 2nd  10-6pm
Sunday, November 3rd   10-5pm 
$5 Admission
University Women's Club Craft Sale
54 Westgate
Friday, November 8th  10-6pm
Saturday, November 9th  10-4pm
$3 Admission 

Signature's Craft Show and Sale
Winnipeg Convention Centre
Thursday, November 21st  11-9pm
Friday, November 22nd  11-9pm
Saturday, November 23rd  10-6pm
Sunday, November 24th  10-5pm
Free Admission 

Springs Church Craft Sale
595 Lagimodiere Blvd
Saturday, December 7th  10-4pm
$2 Admission 

Tomorrow, I am beginning a fall contest for stones and other prizes.
I am celebrating a significant event.
Please return Wednesday the 15th to read all about it!

xo Karen

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