Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Blue Heron

photo credit: Curtis Walker
When I was little, we had a family cabin in Keewatin, Ontario. We would spend a month every summer at this magical place! My memories are of periods of quiet retreat and periods of bustling action with a cabin full of guests and extended family. One of the rituals I looked forward to every year was the day we would go to Kenora for lunch at the Kenricia Hotel followed by a visit to my favorite store: The Blue Heron. The store opened in 1977 and poked out over the lake where the old fish market used to be. It was packed full of antiques, artwork and fun collectables and souvenirs. I loved looking around in all the different rooms, filled with cool furniture and beautiful items.
Flash-forward 30 years later and here I am announcing that my stones and cards are now in The Blue Heron in Kenora! What a thrill it is- and also a little surreal!
I hope you get a chance to stop by this iconic store when you are visiting Lake of the Woods. You can take a look around, catch the view and have ice-cream!

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