Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Letterpress Love: i wish i had known this some time ago

You know how you can sorta understand something once you have been through it and are looking back? Even little struggles can make you end up in a place you never thought you'd be.

My letterpress cards are a result of a couple of years of looking for a printer who would work with me to create excellent replications of my art on beautiful paper (that doesn't seem too hard, does it??!!)
I had the BEST printer for a few years, but alas he went on to another profession. It was sooooo hard to find anyone who would take on a little artist, with many designs and smallish quantities....
Wow. I was frustrated. But I now know that this all led to my new love...LETTERPRESS!
Now I can design, set up and print my art cards whenever I want :)

My new card designs are mostly words (my absolute favorite), lovingly manipulated to fit the space. Picking font styles, letter size and handling that gorgeous type (always wash your hands!) is so much fun and there is nothing like putting a blank piece of paper into a press, cranking or pulling a lever and imprinting your design, one at a time. 

So, embrace those little struggles...they may be a gift!


PS I am so happy to be sharing all my new card designs- holiday and all occasion- with you this weekend!!!!!
This is a plate I had made with my design! The result is above!

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