Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lists, Lists, Lists

 Lists run my life! I couldn't live without them. I make lists for my business and my home continuously! Lists in notebooks, lists on the fridge, lists on the iPad. Lists for the month  get put into lists for the week and then for the day.
Are you a list maker?

Why I love lists-
1. They free up my head from the many things swirling in it (a good load off my mind) 
2. To remind me of things I need to remember (duh) 
3. So I can cross things off the list when the task is completed (so satisfying...don't you ever finish a busy day and wonder what you did? The "done" list is a great cheerleader!)

I have learned over the years that the list must be flexible (in most cases). It really defeats the good part of making lists if you are anxiety ridden by the thought of the list. 
(prioritizing is very helpful)

So, because I am going away for a month long trip next week, I have been working on many lists besides the regular grocery lists and house/work tasks—what to take, what the house sitter needs to do, how to keep the kitty cats happy while we're gone, places to see on the trip, and, a very important one,  the list of stones to make before I leave!

My summers are not normally this list filled, but it will stop when I am on vacation. 
Well, not quite—I guess I have the pages of things to do while on vacation that I'll be excitedly crossing off!

Please follow me at if you want to see pictures of the Italian adventure as I will not be posting on my blog until October! 

Enjoy the rest of the summer and see you in the fall!



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