Monday, March 20, 2017

Art Date: William Morris

Detail of The Strawberry Thief by William Morris
"Any design is futile...when it does not remind you of something beyond itself"

William Morris is best known for his textile art. During his design career in the mid to late 1800's , he emphasized a return to hand made values learning tapestry and hand block printing. William loved naturalism and ornamentation  and was inspired by the greenery and flowers of his own garden. He also studied the illuminated pages of old manuscripts and late medieval tapestries. His company designed curtains, tiles, wall hangings, upholstery, wall paper and rugs and even designed stained glass windows!
Detail- William Morris

Morris devoted most of his later life to the Kelmscott Press. Here he designed the books, the typefaces, made his own paper and printed his books by hand. Wow! I love this guy! ( Oh and he had time to be a poet, novelist and social activist too)
For as long as my memory serves, I have been intrigued by his floral designs and vivid, lush patterns and colours. So lately, I have been saturating myself with pictures of his work. The photos show a few of the results. I hope that my drawings reflect but a bit of the beauty and love of nature and devotion that Morris had for his craft.
xo Karen

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