Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Being an artist is a privilege, that is for sure!

In doing what I love, I tend to work alone most of the time.
This solitary time is very beneficial as I can block everything out and just create. 

The part that is often out of balance is not having access conversations with other makers and appreciators of art and somewhere I can test out ideas. 

Throughout the year, my social interactions come in the form of card and stone deliveries, customer pick ups and occasional coffee with fellow art people! (All favourite moments!)
A month at the printmakers studio every year is also an inspiring time as I am surrounded by a wealth of creativity.

I also get some wonderful feedback on my social media and etsy sites and appreciate the comments and notes sent to me about the stones that are posted.😊

This is all fantastic, but it is in the fall that the real replenishing begins! I get the opportunity to exhibit my wares and interact with hundreds of people. Seeing the enthusiasm of steadfast customers and many first-timers is always satisfying. I hope that I can give back the same kind of positivity that I receive.  It is such an invigorating time and a very important part of being a maker of art. It fills me up and spurs me on!

SO, I want to thank all of you who come out to shows, shop local and support handmade. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Oh, and drop by and say hello!!

BTW The shows that I will participating in are shown above or the link on the top left hand side of the blog called "Upcoming Events".

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