Friday, October 23, 2020

Through the Storm

Well friends, It has been a while.

I hope that you are all doing well despite the pandemic that the world is in. 

The change in every day activities has forced us to see things differently. To look inward for strength and ultimately to find peace in the situation that we find ourselves in.

It has been tough, but making choices to listen to less news,  to spend more time outside, to play games with my partner instead of watching screens all the time have added new elements in my life. I have even had some lengthy old-fashioned phone conversations with friends, just like when I was young!

With autumn well upon us and the leaves having started to fall, winter  is fast approaching.

What can we do to help ensure the best winter possible?!

I want to keep up my daily walks outside, so I have just purchased some warm walking boots in preparation to spend more time outdoors. 

(but do check back when it is -40 to see if this idea still stands lol)

I heard a radio show talking about learning something new over the next 5 months to keep our brains sharp. This has got me thinking of trying embroidery! 

The winter ideas seem to be on top of mind as I just heard that in our city, cross country skis are selling like crazy.

I know that we all had the plans to do a million different things during lockdown...that came to not. It was enough just to keep our heads above water it seemed.

But now we are months into this thing, marching towards winter and we really need to find things to replenish ourselves, some happy time, fresh air and positive stimulation. 

Have you made any winter plans?

Keep connected! xo Karen

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