Wednesday, April 20, 2011

old houses

I stumbled upon this cool website a couple of weeks ago, and it continues to fascinate me.
100 Abandoned Houses is a project that documents run-down and derelict homes in and around Detroit. The pictures are beautiful, but there is an urgency behind the art: abandoned houses are becoming a problem in that city.

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The idea of an abandoned house makes me think.
Some of the houses have an elegant beauty but are surrounded by sadness.
It makes me think about why it was deserted, and who used to live there. How did they obtain their cracks? I wonder about the families that congregated for Easter meals between the walls.
One can imagine the stories and the faces and the houses standing proud and stunning in all their glory.
Why was it left empty?

Check out someone who changed this interest into a project called 100 Abandoned Houses.

I wish you a Happy Wednesday! and Happy holiday weekend!
Karen xo
All prints are available for purchase at 100 abandoned houses.

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