Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week 52 of Inspire Me Wednesdays, The Finale!

This is it!
We've finally made it - one year of Inspire Me Wednesdays posts here on!
I started Inspire Me Wednesdays as a platform to share things that had positively affected my life. I posted things that made my day a little brighter - hopefully they brightened yours once or twice!
It has been so much fun to get to write about so many different things in the past year. I look back at the 51 posts as a sort of journal and feel really good about what was shared (maybe that'll be the last thing I suggest you try - start a journal blog!).
But this is in no way the end of I'll still be posting lots every week, just in smaller chunks. I'll continue showing pictures of my art,  weekly quotes and inspirational decor for the soul. Adam will resume his Music Monday next month (he says sorry for missing it this month - he was in a play) and I'm still convincing Clem to give you the down low on some of her favorite things :)

The last thing I want to do in Inspire Me Wednesdays is to look back at some of my favorite posts!

3. WEEK # 3 The one about the bridge poem
            2. WEEK # 16 The one about my grandfather and Greece
           1.WEEK # 2  The one about seeing beauty on a simple walk

Thanks for visiting and talk to you soon!

Karen xo

Things that inspire me (from week 1):
BOOKS, animals, PHOTOGRAPHY,children, cool fonts, innovation,PURE JOY, volunteers, great album covers, history, FRIENDS, positivity, creativitycuriositya kind gesture,treesMUSIC, laughter, fearless individualsBALANCEsunshine, a really good CONVERSATION, forgiveness, FAMILYideashonesty,quoteslifelonglearnersartsy moviesMY CATthe first tulips of spring, travel, BAKERIES,sticktoitivenesslive theatrethe beachLIBRARIESANYTHING handmade and, of course, ROCKS!
What inspires you?

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