Monday, May 2, 2011

Music Mondays #3: "The Head and the Heart"

Hey everybody, Adam Fuhr here.

I discovered The Head and the Heart when they were the musical guest on Conan a couple of weeks ago. I've fallen in love with these guys. They're first and only album is called The Head and the Heart.

ARTIST: The Head and the Heart

ALBUM: Self Titled

DESCRIPTION: Stuck in Your Head/Rootsy Charm

BACKGROUND: "The Head and the Heart" hails from Seattle, Washington. They began in 2009 by playing shows at pubs and selling self-burnt CD's in handmade denim sleeves. This album is the very same (but remastered) version that they sold back in their early days.

REVIEW: It's been a long time since I've encountered music with as much soul as is found in this album. The music is well-crafted, and the songs are catchy, but there is more than that - there's an obvious passion that runs deep in the music. The album starts out with the one-minute-fifty-second "Cats and Dogs", which serves as a wonderful introduction to what you're in store for: a little melancholy, a lot of melody ("My roots have grown but I don't know where they are" is a good illustrator of both these points) that you'll want to keep listening to over and over. Unlike some of the other albums I've posted for Music Monday, this is an album that can be fully appreciated during the first listen-through.

FAVORITE TRACKS: Rivers and Roads, Lost in my Mind

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