Friday, August 24, 2012

Font Fridays

Today, I begin a new blog-series called Font Fridays. I'm going to make a bunch of posts dedicated to - you guessed it - fonts, through pictures that I've taken, alphabets that I love, or typeface that I'm working on.
While in Italy and Spain this May/June, you can imagine that a large chunk of my time there was spent scouting for great signs, reliefs, and engravings. My travel companions were always hearing "keep going...I'll catch up....just getting a picture..."
Here are a few of the cool, beautiful letters I saw!
Engraving in marble, Siena

Love the artistic "s"'s , little "e"'s thrown in there. 
St. Peter's, Rome

The letters that encircle the dome are 2 metres!

Iron lettering in Catalan, Montserrat Basilica
This lettering is on the side of a cave-like wall of a church way up on mountain in Spain. Original church was from the 1500's.
After Napoleon's army destroyed it, rebuilding began in the 1850's.

Coat of arms - Bargello Museum, Florence
 Note the date of this piece and the ultra-modern looking calligraphy!

Church signs,  Siena


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