Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Art Date: Collection

Lake Winnipeg
If you were to ask me what my favorite things were about creating my artwork, I would tell you that walking along the shores of lovely Lake Winnipeg to gather stones is amongst the greatest.

 Over the years, collecting stones has become part of my summer ritual. I find walking up and down the shores an invigorating experience; one that gives me time to unwind, to ponder, to breathe.

Sometimes, it can be exciting, too: there have been occasions where I stumble upon my equivalent of a gold mine - a patch of beach with piles and piles of stones calling me. On other occasions, like when winter's approaching and I'm looking for a more specific kinds of stones, it can be thwarting.
But nothing takes away from the peaceful monotony of looking for stones.

I hope you have some time this fall to get out to a beach somewhere - and when you do, enjoy the beautiful shores and maybe even pick a few special stones!

Now, I am off to paint some of these babies!

xo Karen

P.S. Watch soon for a listing of my fall shows :)

Look at all these beauties!

I always need to have some stones close by!

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  1. They all look like they are masterpieces to be Karen:) Deborah / Savoir Faire Home Garden Gifts