Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Art Date with Gaudi

This week, I revisited some of the photographs I took while in Spain. I found myself immersed in the world of Antonio Gaudi's art and architecture again. And what a wonderful world to be in! His organic and original work is awe-inspiring and has permanently effected my imagination. 

Gaudi was a Spanish (Catalan, more precisely) modernist architect born in 1852. His brilliant mind was influenced in part by oriental and gothic art as well as art nouveau and organic shapes in nature. He wanted his architecture to reflect the role of the the creator.

Gaudi deeply respected nature, and this was evidenced in many of his designs. For example, he said of his work on the residence Casa Vicens:

" When I went to take measurements of the site, 
it was totally covered by small, yellow flowers, which I adopted 
as the ornamental theme of the ceramics." 

Casa Vicens
I'm posting some photos of Barcelona, and I've also included a couple images of my Gaudi inspired stones and drawings. If you want to learn more about Gaudi or his buildings, click on the links!

I hope you enjoy! 
Sometimes Gaudi would use 3 sheets of colored glass so as to achieve the right color for his church windows
(Sagrada Familia)
So far, I've been touched by the shapes of his windows and made some  Gaudi inspired stones!
sketches of details of the outside of Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia at night; haunting and surreal
Undulating forms and colors at Park Guell

the wave-like walls of Casa Mila

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