Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Designs, Doodles and Deadlines!

A couple of times a year, I gather up drawings and ideas that I've jotted down in sketch pads over the months and work on new designs for my paper line. I love this change in creative outlets because I get to play with paper and inks and think a little differently than when working on my stones.
I leave my at home studio to do my printmaking and rent space a month at a time. Thus this means more than ever that I have to organize myself with a specific deadline to get everything ready so when I get to the studio I am printing to the max. 
Getting ready involves deciding on designs and making final "perfect" drawings, deciding on paper colors and numbers and getting letterpress plates made.
Well, I am just about to head into the studio and the drawings are done, plates are ordered and the paper is on its way. Phew! That month flew by!  You all know what I mean about that fleeting time thing :)
Here's some pictures of the process. Next purchase: a bus pass to take me to the studio everyday! Yay!

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