Monday, June 6, 2016

ArtRocks Press is here!

I am so happy to announce the opening of my new ArtRocks Press Etsy store! The store will carry my line of letterpress and screen printed cards, and I can hardly contain my excitement!

As I have said before in other blog posts, I have loved cards forever. Giving and receiving cards are big in our culture but our family were especially obsessed! I spent hours reading cards in Eaton's with my mom and making hundreds of homemade cards for friends and family since I was wee.

I originally began my card business about 6 years ago. This encompassed having my original artwork carefully reproduced by an excellent commercial printer. 
But it was after taking a letter press course two years ago that a whole new world opened up to me (I am hooked)!

So here is a little about the process:

I rent space at a printmaking studio to have access to printing presses and screen printing equipment. For letter press, I use authentic vintage type (which, yes, I have started collecting) and/or a polymer plate made from my drawings. Each card is individually printed and hand cranked on vintage presses. So much fun!

For screen printing, I use my original designs, make a special screen and print each card by hand. I have sourced out some beautiful papers to print on and plan to find more and more recycled papers to add to the list.

Cards can say things for us that are hard to say, EXACTLY what we were thinking, or express an inside joke from friend to friend. They can become mementos that you treasure in years to come.
I hope to make cards that share joy, love and laughs and convey a special feeling that a lovingly handmade card can.

Please click on the button to the left of the blog post which will link to the ArtRocks Press shop.

Also check out my ArtRocksPress on Instagram for weekly designs!

Karen xo

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