Friday, June 17, 2016

Working = Learning

Hi Everyone,

I have been working on many projects throughout this winter and spring.

I've made lots of letterpress cards at the print studio, set up my ArtRocks Press Etsy shop
and completed lots of custom orders.

Special orders are always a treat for many reasons. I get to challenge myself by going out of my comfort zone on certain projects. These types of orders have me working closely with a customer of which the collaboration inevitably inspires  me in other projects!
Above is one of the hundreds of pet portraits that I have done over 17 years. I do not do very many of these any more because of time constraints, but I always love creating a portrait for a gift or for an owner of a beautiful animal. Our companimals are such a huge part of our lives! 

I have made rock "favours" for wedding guests, specialized birthday stones and memorial stones. Teacher gifts and graduation gifts with beautiful sentiments inscribed on the back are a favourite. Another very unique project was working on a "bowl of stones" for a customer who wanted her favourite quotes on stones to inspire her daily.

Thank you to all my wonderful customers for thinking of me when they want a gift for someone special in their lives or for themselves. It really is a remarkable part of what I get to do 😀


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